Arbres à Cassis
Art can help define the image that a company projects to its clients. It can also create an agreeable and motivating work environment. Whether you are a law firm, medical practice, e-business or major industry, you can benefit from the development of a corporate art collection.

Paris Art Consulting specialises in helping large and small businesses develop collections that correspond to their desired image. In collaboration with senior management, David Butcher puts in place a collection development program that includes:
Developing a selection policy
Defining a budget
Acquisition (sourcing, transportation)
Installation (hanging, lighting)
Documentation (printed catalogue, labels)

Reception areas, waiting rooms, meeting rooms and executive offices are ideal places for housing a corporate art collection, as this is where it will be most readily seen and appreciated by your clients.

In addition to enhancing your image and promoting your business in your prospectus and annual reports, the aesthetic improvement of your workplace represents a sound financial investment.

Whatever the nature of your activity, to learn more about corporate collections, please contact us.