Maisons sur le Don
Paris Art Consulting provides top quality works of art to galleries and dealers outside France.

Present on the French art market since 1989, Dr Butcher is in an ideal position to source works of art that correspond to your needs or those of your clientele, whether at auction, with galleries/dealers or in private collections.

Paris is the third largest art market in the world; the cultural heritage of France is immense and each year a wealth of artworks become available. However, due to complications arising from linguistic differences and a misunderstanding of French cultural protection and fiscal legislation, this market is largely under exploited, despite being an excellent, inexpensive source of works of art.

Condition reporting
Drawing on twelve years of museum experience as a conservator, David Butcher prepares museum standard condition reports on all works of art prior to acquisition. Professionals know how much physical deterioration, fading, discoloration and excessive restoration can affect market value. A thorough condition report prepared by a specialist is an important guarantee.

Packing, insuring and transporting
Paris Art Consulting works regularly with the most important specialist art transport companies in France. Close collaboration with the transport company on every detail, including export licences, insurance, and packing, ensures a safe delivery.

If you are a gallery/dealer and wish to know more about our services, please contact us.