La Tasse bleue
As a private collector, being sure that you acquire the best quality work of art at the best possible price is not easy, especially when operating at a distance. Apart from questions of aesthetic quality and historical significance, it is important to be reassured on the condition of a work of art and to carry out a thorough comparative study of market values.

The range of integrated services provided by Paris Art Consulting allows private collectors around the world to acquire artworks in complete confidence, taking into account aesthetic, historical, conservation and financial considerations.

Collection building
Most collections begin in a haphazard way. However, as a collection grows, a strategy becomes necessary to ensure the development of a coherent and meaningful group of artworks.
Paris Art Consulting specialises in the development of such a collecting strategy, which allows Dr Butcher to propose to his clients works of art that reflect their taste and correspond to their living environment and budget, while also representing a sound financial investment.

In order to develop a collecting strategy, it is important for David to meet with you in order to get to know each other. A first meeting can take place in Paris or at one of the major European art fairs. Visiting galleries and dealers together will allow you to indicate your taste and judge current market prices for yourself.

It is also useful for David Butcher to visit you at home in order to understand your living environment. Viewing your existing artworks and determining with you an appropriate budget can help in developing a strategy for future collecting.

Perhaps you already have a collection and are clear about the type of artworks you are seeking. Present on the French art market since 1989, David Butcher is in an ideal position to source works of art that correspond to your taste and budget, whether at auction, with galleries/dealers or in private collections.

Paris is the third largest art market in the world; the cultural heritage of France is immense and each year a wealth of artworks become available. However, because of complications arising from linguistic differences and a misunderstanding of French cultural protection and fiscal legislation, only a small number of overseas collectors venture onto this market.

Major auction houses and international dealers, on the other hand, have long understood that France is an excellent, inexpensive source of works of artworks for the very reasons that keep private collectors away. With the personalised services offered by Paris Art Consulting, you can benefit from the same advantages as these professionals.

For each work of art considered for acquisition, Paris Art Consulting prepares a statement on its aesthetic quality and historical significance, while situating the artwork in the context of the oeuvre of the artist. Provenance, exhibition history and bibliographic details are extremely important and add to the value of a work of art. With his fine art training and art history qualifications, Dr Butcher is competant to research and document works of art thoroughly.

Condition reporting
Drawing on twelve years of museum experience as a conservator, David Butcher prepares museum standard condition reports on all works of art prior to acquisition. Physical deterioration, fading, discolouration and excessive restoration can have a serious effect on the value of a work of art. A thorough condition report prepared by a specialist is a guarantee of your investment.

Market researching
Each work becomes the object of rigorous market research. Paris Art Consulting uses electronic databases and its extensive collection of auction catalogues to assess comparative market values.

Negotiation or bidding
Whether acquiring at auction, from a gallery/dealer, or from a private collection, Paris Art Consulting can bid or negotiate on your behalf, drawing upon market experience and negotiating power to obtain the best possible price.

Packing, insurance and transportation
Paris Art Consulting works regularly with the most important specialist art transport companies in France. Close collaboration with the transport company on every detail, including export licences, insurance, and packing, ensures a safe delivery.

If you are a private collector and wish to know more about our services, please contact us.